Benefits to our Members:

  1. A free, personalized, and easy to follow plan based on your disease state and lifestyle.
  2. Custom education, resources, and evidence-based tips are provided to help you reach your goals.
  3. Long-term mentorship and guidance to support you each step of the way.

Who is the Health Coach?

The Mylan Health Coach is a healthy living program designed and operated by Registered Dietitians. The program focuses on the clinical and individualized care of each member and promotes healthy living through focused nutrition.

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Health Management

Nutrition and physical activity play a key role in both your mental and physical health. Manage your disease state and take control of your well-being by modifying your food and lifestyle habits.

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Pharmacy Partners

Mylan and your neighbourhood pharmacies are working together to deliver a higher standard of patient care. If you are interested in joining the Mylan Health Coach, please contact one of our pharmacy partners.

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